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Structure :All good resumes have one thing in common that they will all have structure to them. Do not clutter your resumes with over information.

Keep it simple : Make sure you are using one font throughout the resume. Any matter that you wish to highlight can be made into italics, bold or underlined.

Timeline : A good resume has a simple timeline of event. Example start with education in chronological order, then start with work experience starting with your first job or vice versa.

Contact information :Make sure your contact information is always up to date while you are editing the CV.

Information : Only provide information about yourself that can be verified. Do not add skill that you may not possess or certifications that you may not have done.

Review :After making your resume, review it and also perform a spell check to remove any grammatical errors.

Tailor make resumes : While applying for a specific role ensure that you are aligning your resume with the job description supplied. You need to show how you fit the profile.


Punctuality : One of the best ways to ensure you’re not being shortlist is to be late for an interview. Keep in mind there are probably 4-5 more candidates and if you don’t manage to reach in time someone else takes your slot.

Research :Whether you are very keen on a role or not that you have been called for it is a must to research the company. Going for an interview without reading basic details on an organization is a sure shot way of being rejected in the first round. Sources of information about the organization:

  • Company website
  • LinkedIn page
  • Wikipedia page
  • Moneycontrol – optional on detail financial assessment of the company.

Ask questions : Don’t be afraid of asking questions regarding the role. Example “could you tell me who previously held this position?” “Do you offer continuous education and professional training?” “What kind of skill and experience set defines an ideal candidate for you?”

Grooming : While you are may not hired for the way you look or how you are dressed but you may be not hired for how you are dressed.

    For men

  • Neatly ironed shirt and trousers (simple colors)
  • Neatly combed hair..
  • Polished shoes and cut nails.
  • Do not chew gum/tobacco/pan masala or smoke before you go in for an interview.

    For women

  • Western or indian formals. (simple colors)
  • Hair neatly tied or parted.
  • Neatly groomed nails.
  • Do not chew gum/tobacco/pan masala or smoke before you go in for an interview.

Post interview : It’s always good to follow up post your interview. A mail or call a week should be enough to let the organization know you are keen.

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